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Project lead

  • Dr. Christian Reul 📧

User support

  • Florian Langhanki 📧


  • Dr. Herbert Baier Saip (OCR4all back end) 📧
  • Maximilian Nöth (OCR4all front end, LAREX and distribution) 📧
  • Kevin Chadbourne (LAREX)
  • Andreas Büttner (Calamari)


  • Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe (Funding, Ideas and Feedback)
  • Dr. Uwe Springmann (Ideas and Feedback)
  • Kristof Korwisi (Usability)
  • Raphaëlle Jung (Guides and Illustrations)

Former project staff

  • Nico Balbach (OCR4all and LAREX)
  • Dennis Christ (OCR4all)
  • Annika Müller (User support)
  • Björn Eyselein (Artifactory and distribution via Docker)
  • Christine Grundig (Ideas and Feedback)
  • Alexander Hartelt (OCR4all)
  • Yannik Herbst (OCR4all and distribution via VirtualBox)
  • Isabel Müller (Website)
  • Maximilian Wehner (User Support)
  • Dr. Christoph Wick (Calamari)