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Optical Character Recognition (and more) for everyone

Setup guide, user guide, developer documentation and more.


Fully free and open-source

OCR4all is and will stay completely free and open-source. No subscriptions, paywalled features or private code.

Flexible applicable

From the high-quality processing of challenging manuscripts to the mass full-text recognition of printings

Powerful layout and text annotation included

Manually annotate, correct or compare layout and text elements using the powerful LAREX editor.

OCR-D compatible

All future versions of OCR4all are built to be fully compatible with the OCR-D ecosystem

Designed with usability in mind

Create complex OCR workflows through the UI without the need of interacting with code or command line interfaces.

Easy cross-platform deployment

Docker and a single command are all it takes to get OCR4all up and running, regardless of your operating system.