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Publications (assortment)

  • OCR-D & OCR4all: Two Complementary Approaches for Improved OCR of Historical Sources. Baierer, Konstantin; Büttner, Andreas; Engl, Elisabeth; Hinrichsen, Lena; Reul, Christian in 6th International Workshop on Computational History (2021). PDF
  • OCR4all - Eine semi-automatische Open-Source-Software für die OCR historischer Drucke. Wehner, Maximilian; Dahnke, Michael; Landes, Florian; Nasarek, Robert; Reul, Christian in DHd 2020 Spielräume: Digital Humanities zwischen Modellierung und Interpretation. Konferenzabstracts (2020). PDF
  • OCR4all - An Open-Source Tool Providing a (Semi-)Automatic OCR Workflow for Historical Printings. Reul, Christian; Christ, Dennis; Hartelt, Alexander; Balbach, Nico; Wehner, Maximilian; Springmann, Uwe; Wick, Christoph; Grundig, Christine; Büttner, Andreas; Puppe, Frank in ArXiv Preprints (submitted to MDPI - Applied Sciences) (2019). PDF
  • Texterkennungssoftware für historische Drucke. Wehner, Maximilian in KulturBetrieb 25 (2019). PDF
  • Further related publications can be found here.

Talks (assortment)

  • OCR4all - Insights and Prospects - Error Correcting HTR Workshop (Venice, November 2022).
  • Tagung Digitale Mediävistik. Perspektiven der Digital Humanities für die Altgermanistik (Bremen, February 2022).
  • Erschließung gedruckter und handschriftlicher Quellen mit OCR4all - dhistory (Berlin, November 2021).
  • OCR4all – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer Erfassung historischer Drucke und Handschriften, Faithful Transcriptions – Ein digitales Crowd-Sourcing-Projekt zu theologischen Handschriften des Mittelalters (Berlin, June 2021).
  • OCR und HTR, Mediävistisches Oberseminar (Würzburg, Juli 2020).
  • OCR4all – Eine (semi)automatische Open Source Software für die OCR historischer Drucke, Kolloquium Korpuslinguistik und Phonetik (Berlin, January 2020)
  • OCR4all – Eine Texterkennungssoftware für historische Drucke, Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V., Nordrhein-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Düsseldorf, November 2019).
  • OCR4all – Erfahrungen und Evaluationsergebnisse der OCR historischer Drucke vom 15. bis 19. Jahrhundert in kritischer Betrachtung, Workshop der DHd AG OCR (Halle, November 2019).
  • OCR4all – Eine semi-automatische Open-Source-Software für die OCR historischer Drucke, Bessere Literaturversorgung der Philosophieforschung mit digitalisierten Quellen (Köln, November 2019).
  • OCR4all – Ein vollständiger OCR Workflow gekapselt in einem Open Source Tool, Praxis der Digital Humanities, Trier Center for Digital Humanities (Trier, January 2019).

Teaching (assortment)

  • A part module of the Zusatzzertifikat Digitale Kompetenz, which offers modern languages students the chance to acquire and prove competencies in the handling of digital data (University of Würzburg, since winter semester 2020).
  • Text digitization with OCR4all as part of the "Basismodul Digitalisierung" of the chair of Computer Philology and Modern German Literary Studies (University of Würzburg, since summer semester 2020).
  • Digitization of historical printed works with OCR4all as part of the “Aufbaumodul Analysepraxis der Sprachwissenschaft” of the chair of German Linguistics (University of Würzburg, summer semester 2020).
  • OCR internship for Master's students of the study program Mittelalter und Frühe Neuzeit (University of Würzburg, since winter semester 2018/19).
  • Seminar Historische Korpuslinguistik held at the Humboldt University Berlin: in cooperation with the ZPD several works on the subject of herbs from the 17th and 18th century were transcribed by Master’s students. The required calculations were processed on the servers in Würzburg, while the students were able to make the necessary corrections remotely and conveniently via a web interface after a short briefing.

Workshops (assortment)

  • Digital workshop for students and employees of the University of Würzburg and the Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz-Institut für international Schulbuchforschung in Braunschweig (January 2021).
  • Workshop during the annual meeting of Digital Humanities in the German-speaking area (Paderborn, March 2020).
  • Workshop in the course of the teaching project “Digital Visual Studies” at the Art History Institute of the University of Zurich in the program “Stärkung der digitalen Kompetenzen im Bildungsbereich” (Zurich, October 2019).
  • Workshop for employees of the Schweizerdeutsches Idiotikon (Zurich, October 2019).
  • Two workshops in the course of the COST Action Distant Reading for European Literary History (Würzburg, April 2018 and Budapest, September 2019).
  • Train-the-Trainer workshop: training of and exchange with colleagues who themselves conduct OCR workshops using OCR4all; development of common concepts and standards (Würzburg, August 2019).
  • Workshop for students and employees of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (Trier, January 2019).
  • Regular OCR4all workshops for students and employees of the University of Würzburg.

Application and diffusion (assortment)

  • Wide range of usage within the university of Würzburg, e.g.:
    • extensive use in the field of early modern prints conducted by the College of Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
    • bulk digital recording of fracture novels of the 19th century at the chair of Computer Philology (over 1,000 novels have already been processed)
    • Participation in several project proposals, including a project in cooperation with the HU Berlin for the indexing of the Digital Fairy Tale Reference Library of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, as well as the proposed academy project Sprachgitter digital: Historical-Critical Jean Paul Edition
  • Recently approved project Danish Neo-Latin Literature (Aarhus University, National Cultural Heritage Cluster, Danish Royal Library): High-quality (comprehensive GT creation and work-specific training) registration of 856 Danish prints from 1482 to 1600
  • MiMoText project at the Kompetenzzentrum of the University of Trier: Recording French novels of the 18th century
  • Monumenta Germaniae Historica: High-quality recording of encyclopedias from the incunabula period (cooperation with the ZPD for the preparation of a LIS project application)
  • Department of English, University of Bristol: The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations, 1050-1600
  • Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid): Project for the recording of Latin texts of the 15th and 16th centuries
  • Kommission für bayerische Landesgeschichte an der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften: recording of various printed works and typewritten products
  • WiTTFind project at the CIS of the LMU München: Processing of different material, including strengthened typewriter pages